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Carnaval is not only celebrated in Rio and the Caribbean, rather, Spain as well. Even public schools hold their own form of Carnaval celebrations.

The schools hold their own carnaval theme. All classes choose a sub group of said theme. My primary school in Southern Spain opted for Disney!

The teachers asked for my assistance drawing some Disney characters, which became a full-blown, life-sized recreation effort.

All illustrations were drawn free handed by me, while the coloring of the images were left to the students, ages 3 to 12, to complete.

March, 2018

Las Torres de Cotillas

Murcia, Spain


Alice in Wonderland

Beauty and the Beast

Snow White

Masks I made from craft foam sheets, hot glue and sharpie for Beauty and the Beast costumes.

Additional decorations, such as the popcorn cart, pictured below, were a complimentary effort. While the students watched Disney films in their classes, the teachers pushed this cart around and handed out popcorn.  All pieces were made with supplies limited to cardboard, paint, hot glue and a table cloth.

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