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Shyndigz Chocolate Cake Kit Box

I worked on this illustration and completed design to make it look more homemade than any other box you'd find in a store. I incorporated Shyndigz' personal touches throughout the illustration.


Our credo is written into a small bannner towards the bottom of the illustration. 'Cake me home' is also written on a banner.


A skyline of Richmond (drawn by the owner) which has been featured on much of our past merchandise is at the bottom. This is meant to highlight Richmond as the home of Shyndigz.

"Que rico!" translated into English, "How delicious!" is another personal touch. Most of our staff has some connection to the Spanish language and I thought this would pay a nice homage to that part of our lives which connects us all. Whether it's our staff members from Mexico or Peru, our managers' trips to Mexico, my history of living in Spain... we all have a reason to say "Que Rico!"

The cake kit is currently available at Shyndigz Market.

Richmond, VA

December 2019


Shyndigz Chocolate Birthday Cake Bark

One of Shyndigz most prided items is the Birthday Cake Bark. This package needed to be simple, legible and prepared to go into additional stores. This design is completely digital.


The back of the design was completed by myself as well. With the guidance of my supervisor, this was my first project in which I was trained to create an ingredient label compliant with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Shyndigz Birthday Cake Bark is currently for sale at Shyndigz Market.

August 2019


The labels for small market products I create at Shyndigz are often needed quickly and with short notice. Below are a few examples of quick, custom labels I create. 2019

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