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While working for the Shyndigz restaurant group, I utilized my calligraphy and illustrative efforts to create a simple, recognizable idea that captured the essence of the business.

Cake. Home. Richmond.

The tagline reads, "Cake Me Home to RVA" which you can find on our merchandise and all over our physical location.


Richmond, VA


Our Cake Me Home stickers are placed on every brown kraft box that a cake goes into. Over Thanksgiving and Christmas, this design makes its way into hundreds -  even thousands - of homes via dessert orders.


Shyndigz' customized coffee blend by Carytown Coffee is distributed in these bags with the inverted design.


One of our best selling pieces of custom merchandise was this black and white ceramic mug with a bright turquoise version of the design.


After about a year of using the design, I recreated it on a round piece of wood, approximately 3'x3', now displayed on the front of Shyndigz' restaurant.


The restaurant's sangria glasses also display the design.

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